10 Secrets to Lifelong Happiness

10 Secrets to Lifelong Happiness


The very first secret to being happy is simple, let’s decide to be happy! You can’t buy happiness, or neither is it found in material achievements. Buying a new car or winning a race will make you happy only for a short span of time. Let’s explore some of the secrets to achieving happiness for a long term and lifelong.

1.Learn how to say ‘no’
Do you just live your life to please others around you? Learning how to say ‘no’ to things that you don’t feel good to do is a way to start finding happiness. Be it your friends, family or anyone else.They will soon start to resist pressuring you to do things against your likes. Keep a ‘me’ time to yourself where you recharge your happiness batteries doing things you love to do. This will make your life more fulfilling and help you become a happier person.

2.Don’t worry, be happy
It’s a great song and an amazing life philosophy too. Try to keep your good thoughts alive and focus on them rather than worry about those little things. People who take a pause to think about all the blessings they have in their lives are the ones that find real happiness.

3.Lend a helping hand
Helping people around you will enlighten your life and keep your own problems in perspective and keep you in a sense of achievement. Studies show that volunteering work enhances our well-being and happiness. Happy people help others and you attain happiness by helping others. It works both the way.

4.Don’t forget the ones that love you
Home is where our heart is. It truly is as happiness starts at home, so never ignore your family and friends. Work on your relationship with your parents, siblings, relatives. Healthy relationship with your family and friends is a major part in achieving long term happiness.

5.Get some time alone for yourself
Everyone needs time to relax and entertain ourselves. Get away from all that keeps you busy all day long. Just take a walk in the park, watch a movie on your own. Spending time alone with yourself will help you balance your thoughts and help you be at peace.

6.Focus on the brighter side of life
Optimism goes a long way, so always try to find positivity in all kinds of situations, it’s always there. You just need to find it. Things are usually not as bad as they may seem to be and the worst fears won’t really happen, so always look on the bright side, that’s what really happy people do.

7.Set goals that are achievable
Setting realistic goals is a sure way to give your life positivity and enthusiasm as they are achievable. You are not going to be a billionaire in another one week, so forget it and get on with something that you can achieve!

8.Appreciate and Praise yourself
There are many steps to success. So be conscious of it while setting goals. So if you are in a mission to attain your ideal weight, don’t wait till the day that you would attain it to congratulate yourself, each pound you lose along the way is an achievement in itself.

9.Choose your friends wisely
Being around happy and positive people will give you happiness as happiness is shared. It is just something catchy!

10.Be kind to yourself
Look after yourself, both mentally and physically. This will help you find your path to happiness. Focus on your diet, have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. This will give you the energy to sustain all the happiness. And don’t forget to treat yourself at times:)