4 Ways to Embrace Your Greatness

4 Ways to Embrace Your Greatness


You owe yourself as to shine brightly as you can- so do things that would make you exceptional

Be You and Love it!

1.Look inside yourself Our society places a huge importance on external success: the perfect figure, the super style statement, great job or best wedding. But most of this ideal statements can lower your self –esteem and confidence level. A powerful tool to focus your attention inward is to meditate. For one minute a day, take a deep breath for five seconds and hold your breath for another five seconds and then exhale for another five seconds. As days pass you would begin to feel your inner self.

2.Be more real Embracing your oddity is often a tough task-confronting it takes guts! But know this: there is nothing much cooler, or greater than portraying your real self. Identify moments when you are not being realistic (perhaps in an official party?) and go your way to be yourself, Enjoy it!

3.Do what you truly love to do and set time to do it Maybe you love to try new recipes, but haven’t cooked in a while. Or you love to design outfits but haven’t picked up your sketches for a while. Or you would simply love music, but have not got the time to listen to your favorite songs. Or it may be that you are unsure as to what inspires you, then just pay attention to things you do effortlessly. What do you do when you are all by yourself, all because you love it? What makes you enjoy the most? What do others compliment you on? It could be as simple as a new hairstyle. Your talent exists-all you need to do is learn how to see it.

4.Get into the spotlight Express yourself and your talent with others. Sketch something for your friend or post your nature photography images on Facebook. Share the things that keep you happy-it’s not uncanny. Show your friends, family, and work mates what makes you enjoy the most. When they embrace your talent and compliment you, accept with a smile and heartfelt “thankyou” (Don’t demur. Never demur!)
Remember, express yourself, be happy, and always shine bright!