5 Ways To De-stress For National Stress Awareness Month

5 Ways To De-stress For National Stress Awareness Month


In case you are not aware (you know, due to all the stress in your life) this month of April is known to be a National Stress Awareness Month.

A little dose of stress is actually good for us, as it keeps us alert and provides energy to get going in our lives. Although stress is usually a daily occurrence for most of us, it’s important to control it. When left unnoticed stress can lead to numerous health problems, from heart disease, to obesity, skin problems, mental health problems like depression and anxiety.
Fortunately there are a number of things to de-stress which are backed up by proper research. Read through to get some tips on stress busters for a happy and stress-free life.

Laugh It Up

If you’re all stressed up particularly, it’s time to take a laughter break. A study in the American Journal Of Medical Sciences showed that “hearty laughter” is linked with lower levels of stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. The Mayo Clinic also reports that laughter promotes the release of endorphin in the brain and relaxes the muscles, which are all keys to stress relief

Start Gardening

Caregiving is extremely stressful, but a recent survey showed that gardening helps to reduce stress among caregivers. The survey showed a reduction in stress levels during gardening, the Alzheimer’s Association reported.
And, popular health website Health.com reported on Netherlands study, gardening helps boost mood and lower cortisol levels among individuals who had just finished a stressful task. That’s because indulging in something that requires “involuntary attention”- like relaxing and enjoying nature helps to revitalize ourselves.

Read A Book

As reported by the Telegraph, just six minutes of reading is enough to help you de-stress. According to studies, reading is linked to slower heart rate and muscle relaxation.Listening to music, drinking coffee or tea or just taking a walk helps to lower stress, according to the Telegraph.

Call Mom

A call to mom can lower your stress, even if she is not there in person.In the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society a study showed that young girls who talked to their mothers on phone right after completing a stressful task had decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increased levels of bonding hormone oxytocin. A loving embrace to your mom has similar mental and physical responses.

Eat Some Chocolates

It’s not just heart health that dark chocolates have to offer- eating it also lowers your stress levels.
Live Science reported on a study that 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate a day showed decreased levels of hormone cortisol which apparently reduced stress levels.