The Best Perfume Choices For You

The Best Perfume Choices For You



‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’- COCO CHANEL

At times, the scent of certain perfumes takes you through the thoughts and memories of a place, thing, event or an individual. Many a times it is often an individual that we relate to when it comes to perfumes. There it becomes crucial to be concerned in the choice of perfumes that blend well with your overall personality. For women who are soft or girlish a floral aroma suits well, while an energetic scent tends to reflect bold and self-assured women. Therefore, think about what type of word you need to spread among people about your personality and pick your perfume in a similar manner. Below are some of the tips to consider when choosing your perfumes.

Character vs Scent: Your character plays an important role, so keep in mind what type of an individual you are before choosing a perfume. That applies to the type of music you love to hear, the diet you follow, the activities that keep you active through the day, are some of the essential things.

Time and Occasion are factors: You should be concerned about the time and occasion you are going to use the perfume. If you see, different perfumes are made to be used during different times of the day and for different occasions. Make sure whether it’s for the daytime, evening or just for you. Normally light fragrances are often suitable for daytime and strong ones for the evening.

Variety of Scents for a single perfume? Sometimes you might get a feeling of using a perfume someone else is wearing. But be aware that the fragrances incline to scent different on different individuals. It all varies according to how smell responds to a person’s skin, based on the body temperature, lifestyle and environment.

Try it on Your Skin:Examine the particular fragrance directly onto your skin, before making a purchase.You should not rely on scent on a piece of paper or on your clothes.Perfume is to be applied onto the skin.In addition, ask for professional assistance at the perfume outlet.

‘Scents in the Limelight’ Celebrity Perfumes: The perfumers who create fragrances for high-end brands like Bulgari, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford are the ones who create blockbuster signature scents for celebs like Halle Berry, Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham. So, all in all it’s about the quality of the perfume, its ingredients, its essences and how well it blends with your skin rather that the name of the celebrity it holds.

Think Baking: Food based scents like vanilla or chocolate caramel are a current trend and they are in fashion in the world of fragrances. The sweet welcoming odor of these scents creates a euphoric effect and sets you in the right mood.

Old is Gold: Revisit the oldies but goodies, Old Spice, Gloria Vanderbilt, Love’s Baby Soft and Jovan Musk. You might associate all this with your parents or the 19th century scents. But it’s a promise; they’re not as old fashioned scents as you may think. Jovan Musk in particular is warm, very, very light and just takes you over. And what not, they take you back to those good old days memories.