Best Ways to Ease Back into the office after summer vacation

Best Ways to Ease Back into the office after summer vacation



The idea that, “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one” -Elbert Hubbard, just holds true for most of us. Spending time with family and loved ones is vital when balancing your home life with your work life, but getting back to work after a fun vacation can be difficult. I mean, if you just spent the last week laying and relaxing on a hammock at a beach in Mauritius, it’s pretty hard to switch back to an office chair and emails.

Why is it so hard to come back from vacation? You may love your life, your work and be fundamentally happy. Even so, the nostalgia of coming back is something everyone tastes from the moment you walk off the plane on return from vacation. Here are the best tips to beat the work life blues after a summer vacation.

The To-Do-List before vacation

Well, the preparations for returning back to office with ease should start way before in time. Before the vacation, you should write down where each project stands and the immediate steps that needs to be taken once upon return, plan everything ahead of time. Having that visual will help you leave feeling like everything has been taken care of.  Also, knowing that you’ve left everything in order will ease anxiety when it’s time to go back and help you focus on total relaxation during your vacation. Once it’s time to return to work-life, coming back to a to-do list will allow you to hit the ground running.


Retrieve all of your daily routines

Once you are back in office, you definitely have to get back to your regular work routine. But you should also make an effort into get back to all of your usual routines, whether it’s going to the gym at your usual time, meeting co-workers for Happy Hour on a certain day, or having a certain meal with your family once a week, getting back on schedule in all aspects of your life will make it easier to ease back into work.

Plug in with your co-workers

You’re away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and perhaps you’ve even decided to go unplugged, no laptop, no Blackberry, no emails. Let your coworkers know you’re back. While this seems obvious, life has marched on without you, and people have gotten along fine in your absence. It’s normal to feel out of place, although you have been working in the same office for years. So, either send out a friendly e-mail or drop by the cabins of the folks with whom you work most closely so that they can see your glowing face. You may want to consider calling an informal meeting, particularly if you’re a manager, so that you can catch up on what’s been going on.

Take it slow and steady

When you’ve been gone from work on vacation, coming back to the office can be jolting. You have an inbox full of emails, sticky notes all over reminding you of the tasks that needs to be completed, as well as your usual day-to-day needs. Your first instinct might be to try and finish everything all at once, but all the multi-tasking will lead to further clutter and stress. Take things one step at a time as to not get overwhelmed. Also, focusing on the singular task at hand will make sure you’re doing it correctly so you don’t have to repeat the same task later. Start with small but important tasks and then move on to your greater work responsibilities.

Lengthen your vacation psychologically

Realize that your vacation doesn’t necessarily end where it has to end.If you went away and experienced different cultures, pace of life, scenery, food and all that great things, then you’ve been touched by possibilities that weren’t a part of your everyday life before and it’s vital to keep this aspect of your vacation well and truly alive. This might seem counter-productive, but it actually helps! Share your vacation photos with your co-workers and share some stories around the coffee machine. Even if you have a million things to do, remembering all of the fun you had on your vacation will remind you why you work hard every day. You can even have a vacation photo as your desktop background or keep a souvenir on your desk to help you out if you’re feeling stressed about catching up.


Being on a vacation revives an employee who may have spent months at the office indulging in the busy work schedules. So, bring that fresh energy into the office and apply it to current projects. The first days back to your work-life from an amazing vacation is the hardest. For most though with a little time, planning and a few positive steps this feeling of nostalgia will slowly subside. The memories of vacation should remain with you as a treasure, a reserve of peace and strength that you could rely on for the next 11 months, without losing sight of all the great things you’re involved in here and now.