Exercise your brain with Neurobics

Exercise your brain with Neurobics



Thought exercises could only be for your body? The happy news is brain also becomes healthy with exercises, which are termed as Neurobics. It helps your brains cells remain active and healthy and actively engaged in the world around you, which will intern enhance your ability to learn.

Although every day in our lives we encounter various things and seek out variety, but these are not enough to simulate those new neural pathways. These neurobics activate the brain’s biochemical pathways that help to strengthen and preserve brain circuits as they bring new pathways online.

Brush your teeth with your other hand, writing with the left hand or vice versa, closing your eyes during shower, thus enhancing your senses of smell and touch will stimulate your brain as you do a common thing in a completely different way. Alzheimer’s disease and age related mental decline people are very rare among individuals with a proper mental agility