House United: Bringing House to Dubai

House United: Bringing House to Dubai



Originating in Chicago in the early 80’s HOUSE music:

Electronic house music, DJ’s were playing various styles of house music, disco, hip hop and electro funk, as well as electronic pop music. This fanned its way through all major cities by the early 90’s, since then house music has been infused into mainstream pop and dance music worldwide. DJ’s have dominated pop culture for a few years now by producing for some of the most prominent music figures and immersing themselves in clubs and major venues. Here I meet with Chris Braun who is the CEO and owner of HOUSE UNITED management and booking agency to talk about what excites him and where he sees house music progressing in Dubai in the future.

If we are looking to go to a festival which festivals would you suggest?

This one’s easy, has to be Tomorrowland; it has the best atmosphere and the crowds go wild, not to mention the DJs’ that take the stage there. Cream- fields is also another good one and EDC.

You have lots of amazing artists under your management. Let me ask you, which is your favorite?

(Laughs) I can’t answer that… I have so many talented DJ’s that are all amazing but the one that stands out for me that I have always loved has to be HARDWELL.

How very controversial, a bit like our next question, we’re not going to make this easy for you. Who in your honest opinion is the next big thing?

(Laughs again) You really are testing me here Spa- faery, I actually have a few playing here in Dubai this year that are already taking the music industry by storm. For example, I have Mercer at XL beach club on the 18th of October, Promise land and Tristan Garner on the 27th also at XL.

Sounds amazing, I will definitely be at all those gigs, anything planned for next year?

HOUSE UNITED are very busy next year, we already have confirmed bookings for Sander Van Doorn , Afrojack, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Marcus schalz, Ian Carney, Robbie Rivera, AN21, Chris wil- lis, Yves V from Tomorrowland and a few more that I will keep to myself for now.

WOW, So many big names there, we can’t wait! Hope you’re ready for our final question! It’s a big one… What is your all-time favourite house DJ?

OK, I’m going to have to go old school on this answer; when I think back to what I would always listen to when starting out it was always MAW (Masters At Work). They have such a vast back catalogue and have remixed with some amazing artists, they really stand out for me.

Thanks for meeting with us Chris, we look forward to hearing lots from HOUSE UNITED in the near future.