How to Treat Foot Fungus -Natural Treatment

How to Treat Foot Fungus -Natural Treatment


Feet fungi are fungal infections that occur on the skin of the feet. They usually occur due to walking on a wet floor or using someone else’s shoes.So let’s talk about a few homemade remedies, and I’ll share a few recipes, for dealing with foot fungus.

The use of garlic for treating fungal infections is an old time remedy, but it’s often the only effective treatment for fungal infections. Garlic is an all-natural anti-fungal, and it can be used on any area affected by fungus. It is especially wonderful for nail fungus.


– three (plastic) teaspoons of pig fat (lard)

– three huge cloves of garlic

– a pair of teaspoons of apple vinegar

– one teaspoon of water

– bit of cinnamon


  • Clean and chop the garlic into little items.
  • Place it during a bowl and add the teaspoon of water.
  • Add the apple vinegar shred the garlic so as to extract its juice.
  • Prepare another little bowl and place the pig fat in it.
  • Stir bit and place bit of cinnamon.
  • Stir again. After that, squeeze the garlic juice. it’s going to take to a small degree bit additional effort to squeeze all the juice.
  • Place the garlic juice within the bowl and so stir till you get unvaried mixture.
  • The cream against plant is prepared.