Jacques La Coupe Salon

Jacques La Coupe Salon


From Drab to Fab



Halleluiah girls, I have found the perfect place to get your hair done in Dubai and its called Jacques La Coupe Salon. Located on the 3rd floor of the grand Address Hotel, Jacques La Coupe will make you look gorgeous when they are done with you. “Just leave it to the experts” is what I kept telling myself when I was getting my hair done and I am glad I did. I was scared because just like so many of you, I have been a victim of a hair make over gone horribly wrong at some horrid parlour in Dubai that will remain anonymous. I turned to Jacques La Coupe to get it done right and now my hair has never looked better.  I would like to share my experience with you, girl to girl of course.

So, about 2 months ago, I decide to have a hair make over and what was supposed to be an ombre miracle turned out to be an ombre disaster. The moment I saw my hair, I remember tears rolling down my eyes. I promised never to colour my hair again. But luckily Jacques La Coupe came to my rescue and they invited me for a hair makeover. Honestly I was terrified about things going wrong again but I thought to myself how worse can it get and this time I let the experts at Jacques La Coupe decide what colour and cut would suit me.

I walked into Jacques La Coupe and I was caught off guard by their friendly staff. They smiled at me and immediately escorted me to a styling chair in front of a beautifully lit mirror. I was offered tea and asked to wait a few minutes for a stylist. While I waited, I admired Jacques La Coupe’s interiors which consisted of vintage wallpapers and beautiful hung chandeliers. A stylist came over and introduced himself; he asked me what I would like to do to my hair and I told him I would like to streak it but he gave me a colour consultation and advised me to colour my entire hair. I agreed and he went ahead to mix the hair colour to a perfect blend that would complement my skin tone. After my hair was coloured and washed, I was given a haircut and then my hair was blow dried to perfection.

After the entire process, I looked like a completely different person, I honestly couldn’t recognise myself and for once I liked what I saw in the mirror. My hair looked stunning and I fell in love with myself all thanks to Jacques La Coupe. Now you can thank them too because Jacques La Coupe is giving away free makeovers to a lucky few. All you need to do is like this post and share it to win a free hair makeover.