Natural and Skin Friendly Makeup: Homemade Bronzer/Contour Powder

Natural and Skin Friendly Makeup: Homemade Bronzer/Contour Powder



What you do to your skin before you use makeup is just as important as the makeup you use and there are some great natural options for skin care. Just head to the kitchen pantry! Here’s a thrifty, cruelty-free beauty recipe that only requires two ingredients and a container to store it in.

DIY Bronzer

  • Cocoa or cinnamon powder
  • Powdered sugar or baby powder
  • An old mineral makeup sifter jar or an old compact

Combine all the ingredients together until you’ve reached your desired shade for bronzing. Add more cocoa or cinnamon powder to darken, or add more sugar or baby powder to lighten. You can also use finely powdered dried beet or dried hibiscus flowers to add a pink tone If you’re naturally fair-skinned it is advisable to add the cocoa or cinnamon powder sparingly, a little at a time. Or if you would prefer a distinct look pour the mixture into the sifter jar or compact, apply using a blush brush, and voilà—you have the look of sun-kissed skin!

Now you can easily maintain your summery, bronzed glow throughout the summer season and beyond. Try this natural bronzer recipe for a glow that goes all day and night. With Endless Summer, you’ll have a bronzer that can last and leave your skin feel healthy and velvety.