New Year, New You at YHI Spa

New Year, New You at YHI Spa




January is the ideal time to commence a healthier lifestyle as the previous month of celebrations can leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. To help you reinvigorate both body and mind YHI Spa at Meliá Dubai has created a range of detox and de-stress rituals especially designed to scrub away the past year, making you feel shiny and new.


YHI Spa Manager, Ferdinand Taaca’s, Advice For Detoxifying

To help you kick start your wellness regime, YHI Spa Manager, Ferdinand Taaca has given three detox tips:


1. The key to detox success is to keep your diet clean and green but not boring, so you can personalise your green salad with your favourite vegetables and olive oil, but avoid salt, sugar and fatty foods.

2. Exercise as often as possible or enroll in a salsa or dance class whilst detoxing. Exercise increases your lymphatic circulation which is responsible for the removal of toxins and waste in our body, so the more you exercise, the healthier you will become.

3. Try a do-able detox in a 7- 21 day cycle to cleanse your body. Drink fresh-pressed juices and eat water-rich foods such as leafy greens and cabbage. The longer you detox, the better the benefits.


YHI Detox

Reverse the damage of the decadent party season with YHI Spa’s Detox Package. This extraordinary purifying and cleansing treatment uses Guarana, which is a Brazilian plant that promotes slimming and fights cellulite as it eliminates toxins and improves blood circulation, leaving the skin shining. The YHI Detox combines the benefits of the full body scrub and deep tissue massage with a luxurious body wrap giving you a glow from top to toe.

Price: AED 495


YHI De-stress

Those who wish to indulge the senses and treat themselves to a pampering session should try YHI Spa’s De-stress treatment which includes a purifying full body scrub and deep tissue massage. Whilst you relax, this effective body scrub buffs away the effects of too many late nights, making your skin look good as new as the deep tissue massage soothes away the tension, breaking up and releasing built-up toxins.

Price: AED 395


YHI Make-over

The YHI Make-over is the ultimate rejuvenation ritual designed for those looking for total 360 well-being. Aimed at achieving both inner relaxation and outer beauty, this 150 minute treatment will leave you feeling radiant and looking polished. As the full body scrub and deep tissue massage rids you of dull skin and restores a sense of inner calm, the mini-facial completes your overall glow. Finally, the luxury manicure and pedicure brings a sense of glamour for the perfect finishing touch.

Price: AED 695


All promotions are subject to availability and available from 1st – 31st January 2014. YHI Spa is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

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