Pamper yourself with a Moroccan bath

Pamper yourself with a Moroccan bath



The Moroccan bath is a culmination of the following steps. The Moroccan steam room is where one undergoes depth detoxification by eliminating toxins and polluting agent through perspiration. Moroccan exfoliation increases circulation, help stimulate the lymphatic system and unclogs pores while feeding the skin with beneficial nutrients. Then the Moroccan bath helps promote pain relief, aids in the elimination of toxins and helps replenish the body with essential minerals. The last step is the Moroccan rinse which reduces body temperature, helps stimulate the thyroid and maintain a healthy heart rate.moroccan-bath

The Moroccan bath is extremely beneficial for the following reasons:-

Younger looking skin :- Exfoliation  helps to deep cleanse, unplug clogged pores, and maintain a smoother, clearer complexion. Removing dirt from pores prevents breakouts.The exfoliation of the Moroccan bath helps in the penetration of your cleansing routine which makes you look your best.

Helps with dry skin :-  Exfoliation is important in getting rid of dry skin and improving its appearance. Dry skin does not shed as it should and those built-up layers of dead skin cells can feel rough and cause skin to look flaky and dull. With dry skin, you will want to let the amount of flakiness on your skin tell you when you need to use the Moroccan bath and get rid of the dead skin cells

Extra benefits :-  Exfoliating in a Moroccan bath the top layer of skin removes the build up of dead skin cells in the pores that can contribute toward ingrown hairs.