Rose and Sandalwood Bath Salts

Rose and Sandalwood Bath Salts


image1Fancy the aroma of fresh sandalwood oil and rose? Most certainly you do. A homemade bath salt recipe was all that’s needed for it! If you want to get yourself adorned with the wonderful essence and sea-salt, this is just for you. The result you ask? It’s unbelievable. Looks like store bought and homemade ingredients makes it even more organic, this is brilliant gifting solution- imagine in essence of sea breeze, lavender, Lilly of the valley and of course, cocoa and vanilla. Here it is sandalwood and rose petals.

Why Sandalwood is a wonder
Pure sandalwood oil is known for its healing and therapeutic properties and is one of the most effective skin hydrating natural solution known to mankind. A drop of sandal wood in a teaspoon of water if rubbed on cracked & chapped skin brings instant healing, which means it is an elixir for ageing skin. Also, sandalwood is a natural toner that can be used on both oily and combination skin; the result is stunning.

What you’ll need:
Sea Salt: About 2 cups
Orange Food color: 3-4 drops
Pure Sandalwood Essential oil: 1/2 teaspoon
Rose petals, chopped: of one rose (Fresh or dry- as you like)
Borax or plain salt can be included if you can.

In a glass bowl, add everything except the color, and toss. Now, add color and toss again.
And now you are officially ready for a beauty bath.