Segera: the Ultimate Wellness Retreat in the Heart of Laikipia, Kenya

Segera: the Ultimate Wellness Retreat in the Heart of Laikipia, Kenya

Segera Spa

Segera Offers the Ultimate Wellness Retreat in the Heart of Laikipia, Kenya

Situated in Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau on 20 000 hectares (50 000 acres) of protected land serving as a vital migratory corridor for species like elephant, Segera offers the ultimate health and wellness retreat for guests committed to the conservation of nature, as well as to the conservation of self – mind, body and spirit. Segera is a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle focused around Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (the 4Cs). It is located at the foot of Mount Kenya, offering an inspirational backdrop for a journey that exudes the very essence of Africa: freedom, spectacular vastness, untamed fauna and fascinating encounters with ethnic traditions and African art.

“Before our guests even begin to explore the incredible Laikipia area and its offerings, they are drawn into our culture of wellness that extends to the soil, the environment and the communities that surround us. Our cuisine focuses on optimum nutrition; all our bath products are made from natural materials; and our Wellness Centre offers a variety of luxurious holistic treatments and therapies – it truly is a wonderful retreat to relax and reconnect, whilst still making a positive contribution to conservation and communities”, says GM Jens Kozany.

Segera Villa
Segera Villa

A range of treatments and massages can be enjoyed in the privacy of guests’ villas or at the spa, which also boasts a Rasul Chamber, a salt-water swimming pool and a-state-of-the-art gymnasium. An array of scrubs (made from soil, salt and local spices), full body therapies and
massage treatments help guests unwind in luxury and comfort amidst the peace and beauty of Segera’s surroundings.
A Kenyan spa expert with international experience manages the exclusive offering at Segera, ensuring that all oils are blended with herbs from the garden and that body wraps and detox treatments use locally grown ingredients. Various spa packages are available and can be combined with a range of activities, including yoga, Pilates, meditation and walks.

Gardens and pool

“We also ensure that our culinary offering includes a lot of raw food and herbal teas to guarantee a holistic wellness experience”, added Jens. “Incorporating local traditions and ceremonies into the treatments on offer is extremely popular with our guests with one of the favourites being our rock bath experience with lavender, sage and camel milk.”

Lunch at Segera

– Segera is the central wildlife sanctuary in Laikipia, Kenya situated in the wooded savannah and grasslands of the Laikipia Plateau at an altitude of 1 700 – 1 800 m (5 577 – 5 906 ft) and immediately north of the equator.
– Segera’s central location and expansive 20 000 hectares (50 000 acres), at the very heart of Laikipia, ensures that it is essential to effective wildlife and habitat management for the Ewaso ecosystem as a whole, forming part of a vital migratory corridor and providing a permanent home to many endangered species.
– Segera aims to achieve sustainability through a holistic balance of the 4Cs (Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture), operating a tourism retreat and integrated land-use enterprise whilst fostering community development, cultural stewardship and biodiversity conservation. As a founding member and flagship Long Run Destination,
– Segera is setting a new standard for sustainable tourism and is a driving force in promoting and developing sustainable thinking and practice.
– In essence, by sharing the 4Cs concept and philosophy of acting today for a better tomorrow, we are confident that guests of Segera will reconnect with nature and embrace a new way of viewing their relationship with the natural world and other cultures.