Treatment of the Month :: Complete Indulgence @ Body & Soul Spa

Treatment of the Month :: Complete Indulgence @ Body & Soul Spa


Works takes a toll on everyone and trust me when I say that some weeks are so exhausting that all you want to do is to take a break. Well I decided to explore UAE in the form of my break from work (not to mention it was my Birthday desire to go out and discover the unexplored lands). So the destination chosen was Abu Dhabi and try out the amazing places for myself from the exquisite Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque to the adrenaline pumping Ferrari world and of course the awesome Yas Waterworld. But above all my favourite part was the rejuvenating spa treatment I got as a gift that really made me the most pampered girl in the vicinity.


The Treatment Complete Indulgence Package

Upon my arrival I was offered the welcome drink – cucumber lemonade with mint where I was given the brief for the treatment which includes “Foot massage + Body Scrub+ Facial + Scalp massage”.

The area is in an oval shape which includes an indoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. Rooms are found around the pool at the corners. The spa room is artistically set- the décor, lighting and the music set the relaxing mood and the moment you step into it you get transferred to a different world altogether- you forget all the worries, stress and just find yourself floating into this calm abyss which instead of being a scary place is actually the peace you were hoping to find.

As it was my first ever spa treatment my therapist made sure to calm my paranoia and irrelevant fears by answering my questions and gave me the ultimate guarantee, “you would sleep like a baby after the treatment”.

The Body Scrub was an essential part of the package. The benefits of body scrub are not limited to a healthy glowing skin but also it improves blood circulation and helps fight cellulite and aging.

The Scalp massage was my favourite- the soothing hand stroked my head made me remember the good old days when my grandma would stroke my head and tell me all the amazing bedtime stories.


I would recommend the Complete Indulgence Package at Body and Soul spa to all the ladies out there. Treat yourselves to the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment the city has to offer.


Location      The Spa is located in Al Raha Beach Resort- Abu Dhabi; the Spa offers major spa treatments for both men and women with professional staff taking care of the guests and patrons.

Duration   75 minutes


Indoor Pool new (2)


Al Raha Beach Hotel |Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates T. +971 2 508 0423 | F. +971 2 508 0429 | Call 02 508 0555 or visit for more information.