How Yoga revitalizes Your Body, Mind and Soul

How Yoga revitalizes Your Body, Mind and Soul


Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self

Find out how this ancient form of exercise could relieve your stress and energize you, physically and mentally.

The simplest start to yoga- breathing in and out deeply- fuels your brain’s center for higher thought- the prefrontal cortex. In one research study people who took cognitive tests after 20 minutes of yoga scored higher-So you have just got smarter in those few minutes.

Your brain’s emotional network- the noggin’s amygdala keeps calm during your intense focus. This implies more control over your negative emotions such as anger, nervousness and fear.

Your happy brain chemicals or GABA rises at the time, making yoga a natural treatment for your melancholy moments

Nervous System
The triple actions of breathing, movement and focus powers up the “rest and digest” or parasympathetic nervous system, which acts like an antidote to any stress responses.
One of your body’s neural highways- the vagus nerve , carries the calm and chill-out message to all your internal organs. Ahhh that’s just too calming.

Lungs and Heart

Your heart expands enough to accommodate the increase in oxygen coming.
Your heart also benefits as the regular heart rate is lowered during and after the yoga sessions.

The production of stress hormone cortisol is lowered by the adrenal glands. This results in the reduction of cravings for fatty and high-calorie foods. So, post-yoga you could easily resist unhealthy snacking.

Immune System

Your immune system also gets alerted by your vagus nerve, which leads to a release of immunity enhancing cells. You would now be able to better fight off infections.

Balance and Strength

Even Yoga twice a week-could bring immense improvement to your overall health.

Folding yourself into different positions stretches your tendons, muscles, and connective tissues adjacent to their maximum capacity. Practicing these movements under the supervision of a trained pro- will be a plus. Yoga could strengthen your limbs and core. And it will increase your flexibility, and protect your muscles and joints from damages.